We are friendly & knowledgable pet-sitting service that strives to offer a high-quality service. We are situated in Netley Abbey, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

You can contact us at netleyburrow@gmail.com or call us on 07808549227

At Netley Burrow, we understand how important the welfare and safety of your pet is to you, whilst you cannot be there.

To know they are being fed the correct diet, exercised, cleaned, nurtured and interacted with can really help to put your mind at ease.

We feel our enthusiasm towards caring for animals will ensure you feel yours are in safe hands. We are a couple who have always had a passion for looking after pets and promoting animal safety and welfare. We have even published a little book

Bunny Rabbits: A Story Guide for Children & Parents


Services we offer;

Bunny Boarding in the ‘Topsy Suite’ (8ft x 8ft) / ‘Netley Burrow’ (4ft x 4ft & 8ft x 6ft Run) or indoors if they are house-bunnies

£10 Single per day

£12 Bonded Couple per day

Bunny Bonding because every-bunny needs a friend

Guinea Pig boarding & cuddles

£5 Single per day

£6 Bonded Couple per day

Services within Netley Abbey, Hamble & Bursledon


£6 per visit

£11 for 1 hour visit

Dog walking

Forage is grown onsite and dried for colder months to ensure it is always available. In our garden, we grow Lavender, Echinacea, Mint, Rose, Grapevine, Thistles & Bramble amongst many others including fresh grass. Lots of research is carried out to ensure we grow plants that are non-toxic. We offer boxes of Bunny Forage for sale on our sister site The Rabbit Food Blog. Fresh Timothy Hay is always kept onsite as our own bunnies and our guests have unlimited hay that is refreshed every day. Our current hay supplier is http://timothyhay.co.uk.

We only allow bunnies vaccinated with filovac and nobivac on our premises.
Proof is always needed so please do not take offence.
The Burrow & Topsy Suite are disinfected with Virkon after it has been in use. Indoor areas are steamed & outdoor areas are pressure washed.

Netley Burrow Boarding is registered with the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) & we are fully insured.

You can contact us at netleyburrow@gmail.com or call us on 07808549227

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