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At Netley Burrow, we understand how important the welfare and safety of your pet is to cropped-cropped-img_25073.jpgyou whilst you cannot be there. Just to know they are being fed the correct diet, exercised, cleaned, nurtured and interacted with can really help to put your mind at ease.

We feel our enthusiasm towards caring for animals will ensure you feel yours are in safe hands. We are a couple who have always had a passion for looking after pets and promoting animal safety and welfare.

We are situated in Netley Abbey, Southampton, Hampshire. We are happy to work with 20292740_472467139782555_7420188577136813486_nyou if you live further away & can usually offer to collect & drop off at a convenient time as we understand time can be restricted if going away on holiday or dealing with an emergency. We have a safe home specifically for Rabbits so they can enjoy a holiday the same time as you. Services we offer include.

Within our home

  • Outdoor Rabbit Hotel: 4’x4′ House with access to 8’x6′ run.

Home, Run & Equipment is fully disenfected after every guest. There are plenty of fun IMG_6280things to do and we arrange the home/run to suit your bunnies needs. Forage is grown onsite and dried for colder months to ensure it is always available. In our garden we grow Lavender, Echinachea, Mint, Rose, Grapevine, Thistles & Bramble amongst many others. Lots of research is carried out to ensure we grow plants that are non-toxic. We are always checking the Timothy Hay we order is of a high quality for our bunnies and yours will be no different, everybunny is a VIB here. The run is on a 3ft raised bed that cannot be escaped from & can be monitored at any time from our own home. The run is easily waterproofed to ensure bunnies always have maximum space whatever the weather. There are solar lights situated indoors & outdoors to ensure bunny is never in the dark.

20375703_472467149782554_2283516461931316140_nWe are also competent in administering medication and specialised diets. Bottles such as loxicom must have prescription label and be in date. RHD1/Myxi & RHD2 vaccinations are now mandatory. RHD2 vaccinations must be dated within 6 months or a booster is required due to UK outbreak.

  • Guinea Pig Holiday Hutch: A lovely double hutch with tubes, ramps and shelters. Can house up to 3 piggies. Guinea Pigs will receive the same treatment as Bunny guests. They will also spend a few hours out in the run on our lawn to help with the mowing.


From your home we offer

  • Dog Walking/Sitting
  • Cat/Rabbit Sitting
  • Rodent Feeding
  • Hutch Cleaning

We understand when you have a busy lifestyle the only time you get with your animals is cleaning them, this is why we are offering a service to come and do the cleaning so you can enjoy some quality time with them. If there is something not mentioned please feel free to ask. We are flexible to work around you. Whether it 20994210_484017791960823_6616087024321897180_nis to cover work, illness, holiday or you just feel you need a break we can help up until the last minute. We are friendly and offer a high-quality service with competitive prices.
We are registered with The National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers and Fully Insured.

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