Home Improvements for your Rabbit


We understand when a pet is purchased from a pet shop to buy your first bunny, a double or single hutch is recommended or part of a deal ranging from £80-160. However, rarely do pet shops sell anything near enough the size needed for a rabbit even if at the time it is just young. This is a big problem for RSPCA & RWAF, who both suggest you should give your rabbit or ideally a bonded couple Male & Female a min space of 8ft x 6ft (this is not halved for a single!). The RSPCA will not let you re-home a rescue without a space similar to this. This is why the RWAF launched A HUTCH IS NOT ENOUGH campaign. As I mentioned I understand that being fed the wrong information and spending a fair amount of money is frustrating. But a hutch is no more than a solitary cell is for adults. Rabbits need the option to exercise all day and night, not just when put in a run.

However, we are very happy to help you look at some alternatives. Firstly, the burrow is custom built from recycled hard wood that is sold at a very good price at a local wood recycling centre. I am hoping to build a second this year. I do not claim to be an expert but have the tools needed and would certainly be will to come and build or make improvements for your rabbits living space customised to your living area. Furthermore you can look at your own alternatives from links at The Big Hutch Company or you could make some customisations with parts from Runaround; other popular alternatives are customised sheds, aviaries, childs outhouses (please remember if less than 8x6ft your rabbit would still need access to a run via a cat flap or runaround tube).

We are happy to help and give advice to people who are willing to listen and make changes, however, I will not look after bunnies in hutches for those who are not.

We take animal welfare very seriously and have the right to report any pets we feel are being abused or mistreated. Louie has previously volunteered for the RSPCA and we are members of the Rabbit Welfare  Association and Fund and support the ‘Hutch is not Enough’ campaign. We are fully insured & use specifically personalised forms to ensure we are happy and you are happy in caring for your pet in a way that will put your mind at ease.

If you own Rabbits or know owners, here is some really important advice;



Our Wilbur, (6) Spent 5 years of his life living in a hoarded rescue centre. He is blind in both eyes but the perfect husband to Lily.